April 20, 2010


I'm resisting the urge to plant everything in the ground immediately. It's a predictable cycle -I always plant too early, plant growth gets stunted, husband says "I told you it was too early!" for the next 3 years.

Instead I have larger and larger specimins taking over my house. I've given away quite a few seedlings, yet it seems like I still have hundreds left (probably because I do).

So we wait. And wait. And wait.

Maybe I could just plant a couple and see what happens? Not like I don't have understudies waiting in the wings.

April 5, 2010

April 4, 2010

My big box

I was loving this, until I figured out it will hold 5 tomato plants, max.

The green edging is supposed to be a beagle deterrent. We shall see. I wanted to buy some wire fencing, but after realizing I spent $100 on lumber plus another $120 on 40 bags of topsoil, manure and humus, I figured I had spent enough money for the day.

Now please pause for a moment to contemplate me hauling FORTY bags weighing 40 lbs each, to my backyard. Damn.

April 3, 2010

Admire my box

Before, 11 am:

After, 5 pm:

I have a car full of topsoil, humus and cow manure to add tomorrow.

Not pictured - giant new garden space I just put in around the corner.

Many thanks to NG and KoH for their assistance. Plus, KoH showed me how to use a circular saw and I am hooked! Guess what somebody's getting for Father's Day!