March 21, 2012

Tiny farmers

The plants I gave the preschool are doing better than the ones we still have at home. Show offs.

March 16, 2012

High Maintenance Friends

What, you want me to grow you plants from seed AND label them? Got this email tonight:

My plants now reside in four states, and it's not even April.

March 14, 2012

Square-ish Foot-ish Garden

This is a square foot gardening grid at its cheapest. Instead of building a frame, I used about 50 cents worth of materials I picked up at Home Depot - twine and some eye hooks.

28 squares just in that one bed. What to plant first?

Next, to build another climbing trellis. I may actually do 2 - one along the long, back side and one on the short end.


I am trying to maximize the few sunny areas of our yard. The first 2 feet under the deck does get a decent amount of light. Thoughts on how I can use the space, particularly between the pillars that are close together? Trellis? Hang plants on the deck posts or off the side of the deck?

The big dark area of dirt is one spot I planted grass today. Tilled down 6", put in gypsum, peat moss, hummus and new topsoil. I dumped 750 sq feet worth of seed there and in front of the stairs and now I'm just holding my breath that I remember to water and some of it takes.

Too many ideas in my head right now--considering covering the deck in pots or window boxes and doing reverse vertical gardening - pole beans and other vine like veggies. Maybe then it will be less obvious that my deck still isn't done?

March 13, 2012

Looking Up

Hit up Home Depot for $10 worth of conduit pipe, pipe connectors, re-bar and netting, and ended up with this vertical gardening support. Pretty much followed the directions from "All New Square Foot Gardening," as best as I could remember them.

Everytime I hit that re-bar another inch into the ground, I held my breath hoping not to hit any utilities. Victory!

I'll be interested to see if it can hold up under the weight of my melons.

I just got supplies for one since I was sure to screw up the first one in one way or another. More to come though -- we are out of horizontal space so at this point the only way to go is up.

Don't really have a great before pic. This is the closest I can get:

The frame is now in the bed on the right. Previous frame was made of old tomato stakes, which is also what my square foot grid is at this point. That's next on the list. Well, maybe not next but it is on the list.

Like my current organic grass/weed killer? I'm planning to put the world's skinniest raised bed there and going to try to grow something using the fence as support. Sunflowers, maybe, though they might get so tall they shade the beds. Perhaps Zinnia or cucumber?

March 12, 2012

Sunny with a chance of bad decisions

The weather forecast all week calls for May like temps. Which obvious means I will jump the gun and plant a lot of things that will die in the next month when normal temperatures return.

Today I forced myself to stick to things that were somewhat seasonably appropriate like beans, radishes, beets, lettuce. The rest of my time was spent prepping beds, cleaning the yard, trying to figure out what the hell I planted a month ago as I was rushing out of town and swearing to myself I'd write it down later...of course I did not.

In other idiotic moves - I also have a flat of seedling with mystery peppers. I know which ones are different, but until we have actual peppers they will forever be referred to as mystery peppers 1-6. Who wants some!?

Tomorrow's high is 79. I think you can guess just how much work I'll be getting done at my actual job, and just how much time I'll be spending outside. (None. All.)

March 4, 2012


The shower filled up, so we moved half the plants upstairs.

I know what you're thinking: if I've got seedlings in the shower AND the bath, then where in the world am I storing my vacuum cleaners? In the middle of the living room, of course!

March 2, 2012

Conquering the land

Though the HOA says I can't plant veggies on the side of my house, I plan to any way. Any ideas for a nice design? This is the only area left that gets any sun at all.

Would like something that looks a little nicer than my typical not-quite-a-rectangle raised bed. Something that can hold a LOT of stuff.

I plan to think about this for months, then throw together something using scraps of wood and nails I find on the ground. But in my imagination it's going to be gorgeous.