August 10, 2011

Award winning

The snow white tomatoes were actually not too good to eat. In fact, after picking up my ribbons, I ate them while walking to my car. 

Loved the comments! 'Tis never too late to live life. Or be the freaky old lady entering the 4H fair with a bunch of 4 year olds. Same difference.

Health Kick VFFA Hybrid. Way more delicious and beautiful than I remember from 2010. Definitely going to plant more of these next year; they make a great salsa.

August 9, 2011

Teeny tiny tomatoes

The sweet pea currant tomatoes are about the size of raisins. They grow faster than one can pick them. Which is why I invited a friend over to do it for me.

After she had several hundred (pretty sure I'm not exaggerating) we let our girls make our dinner cook. Those tiny tomatoes go a long way when smothered in cheese and other nacho fixings. Mmm, good!

August 8, 2011

Look away!


(Salsa not properly canned, merely stored to be consumed over the next few days. Or hours. Whatever.)

August 6, 2011


When we returned from our 2 week vacation we had a few tomatoes ready to be picked. This isn't all of them; in the end we had about 30 lbs, not counting the half rotten ones I left throughout our yard as offerings to the tomatovores that live in the woods behind our house.