May 22, 2011


Dad was in town and pointed out my onions were flowering/going to seed and I needed to pick them.

Now what do I do with them exactly? I never actually expected the onion seeds I planted 9 months ago would amount to anything.

I think I'm supposed to cure them and store them in preparation for the apocalypse or something, but they don't seem large enough to make that worthwhile. I suppose I could eat them but I'm not even sure if I can just eat the white or the green too? This is a puzzler.

Stay tuned and I'll report back. (Most likely outcome: I forget about them until the fruit flies become so thick I investigate and find the onions' moldy remains.)

May 2, 2011

DONE. Well, with this part anyway.

(They are all even  lined up, the angles are just weird from above on the deck.)

Eventually grass will fill in (I did add seed), we'll make cute paths, or we'll just get some pigs to play in the mudhole. Not at the top of my to do list right now. If anything does grow, our lawn mower fits through the "aisles."