March 12, 2012

Sunny with a chance of bad decisions

The weather forecast all week calls for May like temps. Which obvious means I will jump the gun and plant a lot of things that will die in the next month when normal temperatures return.

Today I forced myself to stick to things that were somewhat seasonably appropriate like beans, radishes, beets, lettuce. The rest of my time was spent prepping beds, cleaning the yard, trying to figure out what the hell I planted a month ago as I was rushing out of town and swearing to myself I'd write it down later...of course I did not.

In other idiotic moves - I also have a flat of seedling with mystery peppers. I know which ones are different, but until we have actual peppers they will forever be referred to as mystery peppers 1-6. Who wants some!?

Tomorrow's high is 79. I think you can guess just how much work I'll be getting done at my actual job, and just how much time I'll be spending outside. (None. All.)

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