March 14, 2012


I am trying to maximize the few sunny areas of our yard. The first 2 feet under the deck does get a decent amount of light. Thoughts on how I can use the space, particularly between the pillars that are close together? Trellis? Hang plants on the deck posts or off the side of the deck?

The big dark area of dirt is one spot I planted grass today. Tilled down 6", put in gypsum, peat moss, hummus and new topsoil. I dumped 750 sq feet worth of seed there and in front of the stairs and now I'm just holding my breath that I remember to water and some of it takes.

Too many ideas in my head right now--considering covering the deck in pots or window boxes and doing reverse vertical gardening - pole beans and other vine like veggies. Maybe then it will be less obvious that my deck still isn't done?

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