June 24, 2010

Sowing my seeds

I grew about 200 seedlings too many and I had plenty to go around. I dumped them with anyone and everyone. My chiropractor provides me a weekly report on hers and asks hilarious questions like, "What's that purple thing I'm growing?" (Eggplant.)

Other updates have surfaced online - here and here. A little later in the growing season I will have to visit and see who ended up with what. There was a slight labeling mishap leaving everyone with a grab bag special.

The leaves of my plants seem to suggest I did manage to end up with a nice variety of tomatoes and peppers, I just don't know what. Fingers crossed for some Jamaican Hot Chocolate!


  1. Our eggplant's not giving us anything yet, but it did just have a growth spurt. Hope we get some yummies soon. Chris went out there yesterday and we will soon have a gazillion tomatoes of every shape and size. I loved the mystery of not knowing what I was planting!

  2. If you find some fine Jamaican Hot Chocolate, you better save him... I mean, some... for me!