February 14, 2012


No sooner had we packaged up hundreds of extra seeds to distribute to others did I hit the internet and order more.

Soon arriving in my mailbox from rareseeds.com:

  • Dragon's Egg Cucumber
  • Green Doctors Tomato
  • Black Cherry Tomato
  • Golden Midget Watermelon
  • Orange Flesh Tendersweet
  • Jack Be Little Pumpkin
  • Chioggia (Bassano) Beet
  • Cockscomb - Dwarf Coral Garden Mix
  • Kiwano - African Horned Cucumber
  • Mountain Princess
  • Tess's Land Race Currant
  • Snow White
  • Dr. Carolyn
  • Chinese Red Noodle Bean
  • Romanesco Italia Broccoli
Time to build some more raised beds!

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