April 17, 2012

I can haz grass?

Bought some awesome planters for the deck:

(Scoured the web for the best price so if you like them, let me know and I'll send you the web page and the discount code.) They go on top of the 2x6 rail and are really on there good. The deck will blow over before they do. They'll be home to herbs, maybe some of my currant tomatoes, and flowers to attract butterflies & bees. 

(That picture was taken several weeks ago, before I covered the deck in my normal pots and accompanying piles of potting soil.)

FINALLY got some grass to grow: 

(If you look really closely on those trees in the common space you can see a big ugly vine. That's poison ivy. More on that later.)

Last year we got a new fence and moved it back 8 feet behind where the privacy fence was--making me regret years of throwing yard waste just over that fence. I often feel like I never finish anything, though now that I think about it, I removed a ton of vines and trash from this 8' long patch of land, and managed to grow some grass--a true miracle in such a shaded spot--and it only took me 6 months. The compost pile in the corner made up of Starbucks coffee grounds & horse manure. My neighbors must LOVE me. Pay no attention to the large patch of dirt in the bottom left corner, that's remains of the never ending deck project. 

Our cold weather veggies are doing great. I don't actually like most cold weather veggies, I kind of just plant them to stave off my desire to plant tomatoes in February. 

Pretty sure those big things are Brussels sprouts, but my labeling leaves much to be desired. As does my desire to build a proper square foot grid. Why create extra work when leftover conduit pipe seems to do OK?

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