May 31, 2012


We already have fruit on our tomato plants!

Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes

I'm pretty sure this is a yellow currant tomato plant. 

I was hoping some of the tomatoes could be coaxed to grown down out of the deck planters. Time will tell. 

(Like the web? We have a ton of spiders this year. They're all quite cool looking so no one has been evicted.)

Zinnia! The purple ones are grown from the seeds I saved from last year's Zinnias. 

First nasturtium blossom. 

Tried to put all the flowers on the deck in view of my office window. (Hate to give up the veggie space but I did make a few exceptions.)

A rapidly growing vine is growing down out of the containers in the "play" area. Hopefully it will soon cover up the post that may or may not be exactly level.

Now for the front yard.

This area is 100% shaded and 95% tree root. Every year I add more dirt and more mulch but don't have much luck.

We do finally have a couple of enormous hostas (after a decade's work) and I'm starting to figure out what else might possibly grow here. The latest attempt is coleus. For once I would like something in a color other than green in our shaded gardens!

Across the way we have hydrangeas I've been attempting for years. I finally did some reading and realized I'd been pruning them back incorrectly, inhibiting them from growing properly the next Spring. This year I followed the rules, we had a really warm winter, I added a bunch of soil amendments and voila:

And one last angle of the deck & planters:

It looks less crowded, but mostly because I moved a bunch of plants to the yard, and assorted junk to our storage closet.

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