May 2, 2012

Secret garden

Last week I took a business trip to Chicago. I arrived at O'Hare at 7 am. That's when my plane landed. I hadn't even gone to sleep the night before for fear I would oversleep. My first meeting wasn't until noon, and I knew it was too early to get into the hotel. I went in search of a nap zone. I saw an add for the O'Hare urban garden and set off in search. I found this gem between terminals 2 & 3 on the second floor. 

Apparently no one knows about it, because I slept up there for 3 hours in some super comfy chairs. The only other people who came up to hang out were pilots.

 Love this picture because it kind of seemed the pilot might be sneaking a bite here and there.

 Watching planes land and jalapenos grow.

It reminded me so much of the Epcot exhibit I loved as a kid.

Each  plant was labeled and also indicated which airport restaurant served the produce. After seeing this I just craved fresh veggies; I ate more vegetables in 24 hours than I have all month.

Next time I fly through O'Hare I'm scheduling a nice, long layover and showing up with a bowl, fork and some salad dressing.

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